Dear Cyclist,

2006 sees the introduction of Ride the World providing holidays for the addicted cyclist! Our aim is to give you access to the best riding from around the World. Each year, we will add another destination to our list from fun-packed UK weekends to full on New Zealand adventures. There's lots of exciting things happening so this email is a little welcome and introduction to whet your cycling appetite.

Over the years working and participating in the cycling community we have had the opportunity to meet and get to know many like minded people like yourself. As such, we would like to invite you to be among the first to check out Ride the World and perhaps even consider taking a holiday with us.

In 2006 we will be taking the US by storm with holidays for cyclists of all inclinations. There's Descend the Rockies for those looking for gravity fueled fun. For those who want to feel the satisfaction of an epic ride day after day and love the purity of road riding, there's the Rockies Road Tour. If that sounds good but you crave the dirt and dust, there's the Cream of the Rockies where we pick out all the best rides from across Colorado and even venture to the legendary Moab, Utah. Whilst we're on the subject, Moab Rocks offers you the chance to ride the unique trails with a bonus visit to the IMBA ranked trails in Fruita, Colorado.

In 2007, along with the US holidays we hope to offer new holidays to New Zealand and the Austrian Alps. We'll keep you posted as plans progress!

Lots more information on the 2006 holidays and the plans for 2007 are available at so have a look, you know you want to! Alternatively, give us a call: 08713093745 or drop us an email:

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Happy cycling to you all and we hope to see you out in the saddle soon!

Ash Wilkinson and Paul Wilkinson, owners and operators of
Ride the World LLP.