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What is included in the price of my holiday?

To see full details of what's included, please refer to the individual holiday descriptions.

All holidays include:

*(Tirol Trails, Austria) Airport transfers to/from Salzburg Airport are included on 399 holiday only.

In addition to the above,

USA holidays include:

  • First and last days' breakfast
  • 'Descend the Rockies' includes a 10 day lift pass with bike haulage
  • 'Moab Rocks' includes evening excursions to Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park
  • Slickrock night ride is also an option on 'Moab Rocks' holiday - bring your lights!

Austria holidays include:

  • 6 day lift pass for all Zillertal lifts
  • 6 day local public transport pass
  • 6 day water park pass

New Zealand holidays include:

  • All breakfasts
  • A welcome dinner and a farewell dinner in local restaurants
  • 4 BBQ/Pasta meals prepared by your guides (3 week tour)
  • 2 BBQ/Pasta meals prepared by your guides (2 week tour)

All Ride the World holidays are inclusive of VAT.
Flights and Insurance are not included.

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How fit do I have to be to go on a Ride the World holiday?

Some holidays are designed as a relaxing two week break, others are designed as a 'once in a life time' experience and will push you to your limits of physical endurance and technical ability so we recommend you read the holiday itinerary carefully before booking. Our guides will never leave anyone behind and guests can opt out of any day's ride should they choose to, but please call us if you unsure what you'll be letting yourself in for!

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What do I need to take with me on a Ride the World holiday?

Upon booking your holiday we will send out a recommended kit list to you, but here's an idea of what you will need:

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Do I need to take tools and spare bike parts with me?

Yes. Tools and replacements needed will depend on the type of holiday you've chosen, but as a general guide we would recommend taking:

You may want to consider bringing other spare parts such as tyres and derailleurs, although most bike parts are available from local bike shops. If you are bringing brand new parts or a brand new bike with you we recommend also bringing the receipts to avoid problems passing back through UK customs.

The guides have a range of tools and are generally happy to lend a hand where they can, but they should in no way be relied upon for bike repairs.

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What are the local bike shops like?

USA: Most of the towns we visit whilst on the USA holidays have local bike shops which we can recommend and are up to date with current equipment. In general they are good for repairs and for purchasing spare parts, though we cannot guarantee what you need will be available. In particular if you have Hope or Pace parts on your bike, chances are the US shops wont have them in stock so we recommend you bring spare parts with you.

Austria: Mountain biking isn't a huge past time for locals in the Tirol Valley so the bike shops local to Mayrhofen do not generally stock specialist mountain bike parts or bikes. Basic cycle parts are available such as cables, tubes and the more common Shimano bits and pieces but it is worth bringing spare disc brake pads and favourite tyres just in case.

New Zealand: Most of the towns we visit whilst on the New Zealand holidays have local bike shops which we can recommend and are up to date with current equipment. In general they are good for repairs and for purchasing spare parts, though we cannot guarantee what you need will be available.

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Can I hire a bike instead of taking my own?

USA: Yes you can, most bike shops have a good choice of hire bikes which are generally mid-range bikes from drop-bar roadies to full on free-ride rigs. Rates are typically $30 - $60 per day.

Austria: Yes you can but you may be disappointed with the choice and we would recommend bringing your own. Generally, hire bikes are semi-slicked hard tails of good quality but on the trails that we will be riding we feel they would be out of their depth with only V-brakes and semi-slick tyres.

New Zealand: Yes you can and will cost you around NZ$50 a day. We encourage you to bring your own bike however as the logistics of finding a bike to hire in each day's location and then returning it may be tricky due to the touring nature of these holidays.

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My current bike isn't feeling too well, can i pick up a bargain when i get there?

USA: You can often find bike bargains if you look around and depending on the time of season most bike shops will sell off their hire bikes cheap. New bikes generally sell in dollars for what they would in pounds so exchange rate allowing, you should be able to save yourself a bit of pocket money.

Austria: We wouldn't advise you to. You may be lucky and come across a one off but generally, bikes and parts are a similar price to the UK but there is little choice and almost nothing mid-high range which is kept in stock locally.

Please be aware that any purchases made abroad must be declared to the nice people at immigration when arriving back on UK soil.

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Are bike parts generally cheaper than in the UK?

USA: Generally they are cheaper, but some things are no different or possibly more expensive. It also depends on the time of season, peak season in Colorado is July/August with bargains going in the fall, Moab's peak season is May/June and Sept/Oct so bargains are easier to find just after these periods. Tyres and derailleurs are often more expensive than the UK, but bigger items such as frames and forks can be picked up very cheap if you look around. Most places will also knock 10% off or do free fitting if you ask nicely. Note as with any purchase, the listed price does not include local sales tax (typically 8%).

Austria: Generally, bikes and parts are the same prices as in the UK but availability is a problem as most local shops don't carry anything very fancy at any time of year.

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How much does food cost where I'm going?

USA: Food generally costs a similar amount of dollars as it would in pounds, so a restaurant main course will cost on average between $8 and $15, a Burger king 'meal' costs around $5, Beer in bars is on average $3.50/pint, supermarket food is slightly cheaper than in the UK. You will probably spend between $15 and $30 a day on food and drink, although this depends entirely on your eating and drinking habits! Note that local tax and gratuity are not included in the listed price, gratuity should be added at 10-15% or 18% for exceptional service. Some restaurants automatically add 18% for a party of 6 or more.

Austria: Cafes and Restaurants in the Tirol Valley are often traditional with a good variety of European types of food and usually cover a wide price range from 4Euros for a bowl of soup to 30Euros for a lavish meal. Drinks such as beer, wines, hot drinks and mainstream soft drinks are available from around 3-4Euros a glass in restaurants and cheaper from supermarkets.

New Zealand: Meals in New Zealand range between NZ$10 for a burger at a bar, and NZ$70 for a slap-up affair at a classy restaurant. In general though, a good healthy meal (and desert, of course) fit for a hungry mountain biker costs about NZ$25. A hearty sandwich or roll suitable for taking for lunch on a ride costs about NZ$5-$7. A sit-down panini or pasta lunch costs about NZ$10. A beer or wine will cost you about NZ$5 a glass. Of course it depends on how much you eat, but as a guide, if like most mountain bikers you eat like a horse, and allowing for an occasional drink, you could expect to spend in the order of NZ$40 a day on food and incidentals on those days we don't provide your evening meal, and about NZ$15 a day on those days we do provide your evening meal

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What will the weather be like when I get there?

Colorado: Summer in Colorado is generally fine weather and can reach 35°C on the nicest days. You will however be high in the Rockies, so thunderstorms are a regular occurrence and there's a chance it could even snow as early as September.

Moab: Moab is situated next door to Canyonlands National Park in the middle of the Utah desert, temperatures can reach well into 'the hundreds' often 45°C at the height of summer, with occasional thunderstorms. The sun is extremely strong and the air is very dry. Temperatures start cooling off in September/October, but still hotter than the hottest English summers.

Click here to find current weather conditions for USA destinations

Austria: Temperatures during August and September can range from around 15°C up to 30+. Being in the heart of the Alps means that the weather is extremely changeable. Showers and storms don't often last too long however and the trails are soon dry again.

New Zealand: As a guide, the average temperature for November, December, January, February is around 16-24°C - perfect biking temperatures. For more detail, see this website with some useful weather information Many of our rides are in the mountains, which means the weather can be very changeable. It might be as hot as 30°C some days, however, it might rain or turn very cold in the middle of a ride.

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Are the holidays guided?

Our off-road holidays are fully guided by friendly, experienced guides. We provide appropriate numbers of guides depending on the group size, but never more than 8 guests per guide. The guides are ITC First Aid qualified and know the local trails like the backs of their hands. The guides also work in the UK office, so when you call us, you are speaking to staff who will actually be on the holiday with you and know exactly what they're talking about.

Our road holidays are vehicle supported by the same friendly, experienced guides. The vehicles transport all your luggage and will also pick you up if you just can't take any more!

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How many people will be on the same holiday as me?

We personally think riding is much more fun in small groups, so our holidays are based on groups of between 6 and 14 riders plus the guides. Holidays are designed to be fun with a relaxed atmosphere and our itineraries are well organised but flexible.

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Do I have to ride with the group every day?

There is no obligation for anyone to do any of the rides, although we will let you know if you're missing out on a classic! You are free to do whatever you wish, be it having a day off, a day riding by yourself or a day white water rafting!

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Should I be concerned about the altitude?

USA: Altitude affects some people more than others as the body tries to adapt. Due to the relative lack of oxygen, you will probably feel unusually tired and de-hydrated for the first few days at altitude. As long as you drink plenty of water and don't over exert yourself you'll feel fine within a couple of days.

Austria: Mayrhofen is around 600m above sea level. At this height, most people will not feel any ill effects due to he altitude. Our highest ride gets up to around 2000m above sea level. At this height you may feel a slight shortness of breath and perhaps a headache but as long as you keep hydrated there shouldn't be any problems and you'll be able to carry on riding as normal.

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Can I create my own holiday with Ride the World?

Yes you can! If you have a group of eight or more people all wanting to do the same holiday, but none of our pre arranged holidays meets your needs, we might be able to help you out. Give us a call.

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Why should I choose a Ride the World holiday over other operators?

In a nutshell, we believe we offer fantastic holidays at unbeatable prices!

Ride the World is a cycling holiday company conceived, owned and operated by dedicated cyclists who aim to share the best cycling atmospheres and locations all over the globe with fellow cycling addicts. We don't compromise on anything but do promise you will have one of the best cycling experiences of your life.

We research each holiday down to the minute details to ensure that by the time it reaches our brochures, the holiday is unbeatable value. If it's possible to do it cheaper yourself, we simply don't sell the holiday.

All our holidays are exclusive and so you won't find the same holidays anywhere else. If you can find an equivalent holiday for a lower price anywhere else, we'll eat our words and beat their price. Give us a call and prove us wrong!

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