Moab Rocks, Utah USA
Two week itinerary:

Below is an example of what to expect on the two week holiday. The actual itinerary may vary slightly depending on trail access and weather conditions but we guarantee you two weeks of great riding regardless.

Arrival day:
Once you arrive in Denver, you will be greeted by Ride the World staff who will transfer you to the first night's hotel close to the airport. There should be plenty of time to unpack and relax, meet other guests and get some food in a nearby restaurant.

Day 1
Introduction & Transfer to Moab:
After breakfast, we will formally introduce ourselves, briefly run through the holiday itinerary and give you a chance to meet the other guests before embarking on the long journey to Moab. It's about 7 hours drive from Denver airport to the town of Moab so unfortunately this means your first day will be spent travelling, however we make up for this by packing in more riding than is healthy over the rest of your holiday. You will be staying in luxury hotels close to the trails and walking distance from the shops and restaurants. We will arrive in Moab with plenty time to settle into your surroundings, build your bike and check out Moab's many evening attractions.

Day 2
Ride #1:Klondike Bluffs
The first day's ride is almost the perfect introduction to mountain biking Moab style. A good mix of smooth dirt road, rocky trail and huge expanses of slickrock takes you to the edge of the Arches National Park with stunning views of the park and the Klondike Bluffs themselves. A great flowing descent takes you back to the start of the ride giving you a real sense of what is in store over the next two weeks.

Day 3
Ride #2:Slickrock Trail
There is no better way to experience the essence of Moab than on the world famous Slickrock Trail. The petrified sand dunes provide a giant playground of unimaginable riding. You'll be astounded by the levels of grip provided by the sandpaper-like surface as you tackle gradients that would have you off and walking anywhere else on the planet. Up, down or traversing, the experience of slickrock riding is thrilling. Add to this the spectacular views over Moab and the surrounding area and you've got an unforgettable ride.

Day 4
Ride #3:Sovereign Trail
This is one of Moab's newest trails but has already taken on the legendary trail status among locals and visitors keen to experience its challenging riding. Built with mountain bikers in mind the trail weaves its way through valleys and ravines close to Arches National Park. The smooth, fast flowing sections compliment the highly technical rocky sections which litter the ride. Climbing or descending, this is a high paced course which has challenging yet fun obstacles for riders of all abilities.

Day 5
Ride #4:Porcupine Rim
This is the undisputed king of the trails in Moab. There is no way we could bring you here and not ride this trail. A highly technical climb gets you to the highest point on the very rim of Castle Valley made famous by the Marlboro cigarette adverts of the eighties. You'll have great views of the huge mesas and buttes rising from the valley floor 1000ft. below, the La Sal Mountains to the east and the Slickrock Trail plateau and Colorado River valley to the west. The trail before you is 11 miles of thrilling and challenging downhill all the way back to the Colorado River. High speed rocky jeep trail sweeps through huge rock gardens, fly outs and drops which lead to Jackass Canyon where the trail turns to singletrack and becomes an intense, highly technical descent through scree, boulder fields and rock chutes. It's not a trail for the faint hearted but one of the most thrilling and rewarding experiences you can wish for in the saddle.

Day 6
Day Off
After four days of fantastic riding you'll be ready to take a break and spend some time out of the saddle. If you haven't already spent all your pocket money in the local bike shops, the various other shops around town offer a large selection of interesting local arts and crafts. The restaurants and cafés are open all day and the public swimming pool can be extremely inviting in the mid afternoon sun. If relaxing's not your thing and you're still feeling fit there are numerous outdoor adventures you could indulge in: From rock climbing to back country 4x4 treks to being a big kid in the local water park, there's plenty to do in and around Moab.

Day 7
Ride #5:Amasa Back
If Slickrock and Porcupine Rim trails are the best Moab rides then this is a classic which snaps at their heals. Riding from town, the climb throws obstacle after obstacle in the way of your pursuit for more altitude. Despite the extremely technical nature of the terrain, the sections flow together beautifully and if you're having a good day, the feeling of cleaning the climb is fantastic. Stunning views, secret hidden singletrack and glorious sunshine await you at the top of your climb. The route back down is as demanding as the climb and offers two very different options. Most folk opt for the same route as the climb - a wide, fast, slickrock strewn trail snaking its way back to town, however, the new Jackson Trail provides a contrasting alternative - tight, technical singletrack winds its way down the cliff side through rocks, drops and boulder gardens to the Colorado river below. Both options are well worth the climb and both will leave you with an extremely large grin on your face.

Day 8
Ride #6:Fisher Mesa Trail
To give you a change from the desert terrain we head up into the foothills of the La Sal Mountains where the temperature drops, the foliage gets greener and the views down into the valleys are amazing. The Fisher Mesa Trail has recently been upgraded and now features a furious singletrack blast along the edge of the Mesa in and out of the trees as we ride further out onto the peninsular. Roots, slickrock and boulders all add to the excitement of this great trail. Eventually, the singletrack spits you out onto the old Jeep trail where stunning views of Castle Valley, the Colorado River and Porcupine Rim await you. The fun continues as the technical jeep trail leads you back up the peninsular taking in huge rock gardens and lung busting climbs.

Day 9
Ride #7:Behind the Rocks Trail
This is another classic Moab ride. A short transfer from town takes you along the Moab Rim where the trail begins. This is the sight of the annual 24 hours of Moab endurance race and so the trails are well maintained and designed to give you a thrilling ride all the way back into town.

Day 10
Day Off
Another chance to relax, make bike repairs, soak up Moab and perhaps participate in another local past time. Did I hear you say white water rafting?

Day 11
Ride #8:The Whole Enchilada
The Lower Porcupine Rim trail is an awesome ride in its own right but for many tour groups and local riders, this is as far as they'll take you. We have an extra treat for you though. Over the last few years a new network of trails have been lovingly crafted which more than double the length of this ride. We transfer you into the foothills of the La Sal Mountains and from here the super challenging Upper Porcupine Rim Trail takes you singletrack-ing down through the bush all the way to the highest point of the Lower Porcupine Rim Trail (the ride you did a few days ago), a quick cake stop and we finish up with a blast along the now familiar Porcupine Rim. Combined, this is approximately 7000ft. of vertical descent over an epic 26 miles all the way from the La Sals to the Colorado River. Woodland singletrack, scary fast 4x4 trail and super technical, cliff-hugging canyon singletrack entertain the route past awesome views of Castle Valley. What a way to round off your time in Moab.

Day 12
Ride #9:Loma Trails, Fruita
We say goodbye to Moab and venture to the up-and-coming MTB resort of Fruita. The size of the town belies the number of fantastic trails hidden round these parts and we are only too happy to show you a selection of all the best bits. Fruita is fast becoming the place to ride: Ranked in IMBA's top ten locations in the world, the trails here are a good mix of fast, smooth singletrack and rocky Moab style ledges and outcrops. Lying on the banks of the Colorado River, the Loma trails are full of technical challenges with rock slabs, ledges, drops and steps all linked by smooth, flowing, hard pack singletrack. These trails cover many square miles and there is something here for everyone to enjoy.

Day 13
Ride #10:Road 18 Trails
As a farewell to a fabulous holiday we take you to the Road 18 trails on the north side of town. These fast flowing singletrack trails are a great place have some true off road fun whatever your ability level. Carved out of the Book Cliffs by dedicated local riders these trails are a singletrack rider's dream. This area is a giant playground with grin inducing trails you will want to ride again and again. Hopefully this final ride will send you home with great memories of the biking in this part of the world.

Transfer to Denver:
The transfer to Denver is around 5 hours from Fruita and you will arrive at your hotel with time to pack your bike and prepare for your onward journey, wherever that may take you.

Day 14
Departure Day:
The final night will be spent close to Denver. We will transfer you to Denver Airport in the morning or, if you have an evening flight and would prefer not to spend the day sat in DIA, we'll be happy to drop you in Denver city centre for the day where you can do some last minute shopping and catch a bus to the airport later on.

Further details:
There is no obligation for riders to participate in the guided rides organised by RTW on any of the days. Moab is a lively town with lots of outdoor activities available such as rafting, rock climbing and 4x4 back country touring so there is plenty to do on your days off or if you simply want a break from riding. Each ride organised by RTW will be guided by our staff in as smaller groups as possible.

All 14 nights accommodation will be arranged by Ride the World along with the transfer of guests' luggage from one hotel to the next during the holiday.

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