Rockies Road Tour, Colorado USA
Over 600 miles of epic climbs, breath taking mountain passes and endless descents amongst the beautiful scenery of the Colorado Rockies. This holiday takes you on the finest hand picked routes through the Rockies and with over 63,000 ft. of road climbs in two weeks, it truly is an unforgettable holiday.
The Destination
Rockies Road Tour - Excellent Cycle Paths
Colorado has an excellent cycle path network
Colorado in the summer time is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. With such a great variety of scenery and a fantastic network of mountain roads and cycle paths, itís hard to think of a better place to spend two weeks relaxing and enjoying your surroundings whilst at the same time pushing yourself to the limit. As you eat up those mountain miles you're safe in the knowledge that your hard work will bring you a different destination and a completely new experience everyday.

Lush, green pine forests climb the mountain slopes to majestic, snow capped 14,000ft. peaks which overlook crystal clear mountain lakes feeding mile upon mile of raging white water creeks. You parallel the rivers as they start to meander across vast, thriving grasslands and as the sun flickers its shards through the aspen foliage, you ignore the burning in your calves and smile as the Elk look on.
Rockies Road Tour - Smooth Roads
Co. roads are wide and smooth

Whilst all this beauty surrounds you you'll be raking up the miles on smooth US highways and byways. Colorado is the outdoor sports capital of the United States and cyclists are very welcome on the roads. The relaxed pace of life means no angry motorists spoiling the ride. In fact, many motorists and locals along your route will encourage you and take a genuine interest in you visiting their beautiful countryside. The shoulders of the roads are often wide and clear and in many parts the cycle paths are often smoother than the roads they parallel.
The Holiday
Rockies Road Tour - Mt. Evans
Conquering all 14,100ft. of Mount Evans
Our two week itinerary takes you through National Parks, over 12,000ft. high mountain passes and challenges you to the infamous Mt.Evans hill climb. You will move from town to town through the Rockies clocking up between 40 and 75 miles each day with a support vehicle transporting your luggage and spare legs at all times. This means there is no need to carry excessive supplies with you, after all you're here to cycle, not imitate a pack horse.

Your bags will be checked in and waiting for you in a hotel room at the end of each day so you will have plenty of time to relax after your day's ride and explore the various Colorado mountain towns. There are two rest days in the itinerary designed to give you chance to recover a little, buy souvenirs and explore both the Dillon Lake area and Glenwood Springs. We have selected only the finest routes through the Rockies and we're sure you won't be disappointed.

Included in the holiday is 14 nights luxury accommodation, all national park fees paid and full vehicle support including airport transfers. If this isn't the ultimate cycling holiday, we don't know what is.

What's Included
  • 14 nights luxury accommodation
  • 622 miles of tarmac, 63,200ft climbing, 62,500ft descending
  • Full vehicle support
  • Airport Transfers (Denver International Airport only)
  • Small groups & great atmosphere
  • Friendly English guides
What's Not Included
  • Flights
  • Meals
  • Insurance

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